Higher Nature Pet Super Omegas 60 Capsules


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Higher Nature Pet Super Omegas 60 Capsules

Our companions need essential fatty acids just as much as we do. The trouble is, their food is even more lacking in these oils than ours. Yet omega 3 is vital for flexible, pain-free joints and a smart brain; omega 6 brings a healthy skin, a glossy coat and good immunity; and both are important for cardiovascular fitness.

Essential Omegas 3:6:9 doesn’t just provide the omega precursors, linoleic and alpha linolenic acid; this product is packed with the specialist omega workers, EPA and DHA (omega 3), GLA (omega 6), plus oleic acid (omega 9) which also supports immunity.

Recommended Daily Dose:
Small dogs <5kg 1 capsule
Medium 6-15kg 2 capsules,
Large breeds 16-30kg 3 capsules and
Giants 4 capsules daily

fish oil, borage oil, olive oil geletine capsule
EPA 54mg, DHA 38mg, GLA 37mg, Omega 9 fatty acids 60mg

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