Aloe Ferox 60 Capsules


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Aloe Ferox 60 Capsules
Containing concentrated and carefully dried Aloe Ferox powder, this is ideal for travelling.
– All vitamin & minerals are concentrated 200 times with respect to liquid Aloe juice
– Effective against bodily hyperacidity
– High quantity polysaccharides for immune and digestive support.
– Pure vegetable origin
– The juice is freezed-dried to avoid nutrient losses
– Contains no pesticides or preservatives
– Ideal when travelling
What are the exact ingredients in Aloe Ferox Capsules?
Freeze-dried Aloe Ferox powder
No fillers
What is the suggested application for Aloe Ferox Capsules?
1-2 capsules per day, preferably before meals. More capsules can be taken if needed.

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