Aloeride aloe vera capsules 28 capsules


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Aloeride aloe vera capsules – 28 capsules
Aloeride is arguably the highest quality Aloe vera available, being thoroughly backed up by quality analysis, scientific literature and stability tests. Each capsule contains 180mg of Total Process Aloe vera, which has been organically grown and hand filleted from whole leaf without treatment, ensuring maximum nutrient quality and efficacy
1 capsule of Nutri Aloeride can be taken daily, immediately on rising and/or just before bedtime, or as directed. Children aged 0-6 can take half a capsule a day.
Nutri Aloeride can also be mixed with water to make Aloe vera juice. This can be done by opening up a capsule and mixing it with pure water to drink immediately.
Each capsule typically contains: Aloe vera barbadensis (in italics) solids (200:1) and 180 mg of other ingrediants: gelatine and magnesium stearate.

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