AlphaClear Zeolite with Alpha Lipoic Acid


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AlphaClear Zeolite with Alpha Lipoic Acid
Our bodies are continually exposed to an ever increasing array of toxins from everyday chemicals to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury because they are everywhere in our environment. These substances continually build up and collect in our tissues which can lead to serious health problems. Whether they be environmental or toxicity form the food we eat or the air we breathe, one way to combat this toxic overload in our bodies is through the use of Zeolite.
AlphaClear is a powerful liquid formula combining two natural substances, Zeolite with Alpha Lipoic Acid. This unique combination helps to provide excellent antioxidant support and enhanced detoxification of heavy metals and other toxic compounds that may be preventing our cells from functioning optimally.
Zeolites are naturally occurring crystalline minerals formed over millions of years by the crystallization process of volcanic ash submerged in the sea or in fresh water lakes. Zeolites are now increasingly the focus of today’s medical research because of their remarkable ability to ‘mop up’ toxins by acting as a magnet and holding on to toxins, especially heavy metals, till they are removed from your body.
Benefits of taking AlphaClear
•    Extremely safe and non-toxic
•    If you have heavy metal contamination
•    If you have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides & dioxins
•    If you have a viral infection
•    To reduces absorption of nitrosamines
•    To help buffer the body pH to a healthy alkalinity
•    To help to buffer blood sugar
•    To help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases
•    To improve nutrient absorption
•    If you have allergies
•    If you have low immunity

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