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Bathmate Hydro Pump – Blue

One of the best-known male enhancement devices, the Bathmate Hercules penis pump has been designed to utilise water pressure, rather than air pressure, providing a more efficient way of drawing blood into the penis to create an erection and improve erection quality.

Because it uses water, rather than air, Bathmate Hercules is more effective as the blood vessels become dilated through the heat of the water allowing the vacuum forces to be more effective when drawing blood into the penis.

People who use the Bathmate dHercules o so for a series of reasons, the main one being that it is a good way of stimulating an erection for those who have difficulties with ED. Others believe that the Bathmate Hercules can actually maximise erections, drawing additional blood into the penis to bulk out their erection making it appear larger.

Because Bathmate Hercules works within just a few minutes, and it is completely non-invasive, the device is arguably the most attractive way of boosting erection quality. It also feels great to use and is extremely simple, requiring no set up at all.

Feedback also suggests that continued use of Bathmate Hercules as part of a regular regime can actually lead to increase in penis girth and length, with 95% of those who have provided feedback reporting success when using the device.

To use, simply fill the device with warm water when in the bath or shower. Then introduce your penis into the compression chamber. Unlike pumps, which often use a separate trigger, the Bathmate is an all-in-one device and compresses at the bottom, squeezing out excess water through the top and forming a vacuum. The device can continue to be pumped for extra pressure.

Using the Bathmate Hercules takes approximately 20 mins per use.

The Bathmate Hercules measures 30cm in length and has a width of 8cm. It is made frre

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