Apibal Freeze-cracked Bee Pollen 60 caps


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Apibal Freeze-cracked Bee Pollen 60 caps

Ideal follow up and as recommended in  The Lemon Detox Diet book
Apibal bee pollen capsules provide the body with countless trace elements. With a special technique, the pollen is cracked in order to make its ingredients digestible. Apart from pure pollen capsules, we produce apibal princess capsules, a combination of bee pollen and royal jelly formulated for women, and apibal manager, a formulation for men.
Everyday- A perfect natural alternative to chemically produced supplements
Post Diet- Helps stabilise and maintain optimum health and weight after detox programmes such as the lemon Detox
Sport- high Protein and carbohydrate content for athletes and players of sport.
Dr K E Beyer, Swiss health Practitioner
Extract from his book The lemon Detox diet
“Apibal has been successfully tested on different age groups.High level sports men and women,athletes,runners and others take Apibal regularly to increase their performance.Other experiments with school children showed that the use of Apibal increased their general state of health and improved their concentration and learning ability.Professional people suffering from stress and those of advanced age have also learned how to apreciate the vitalising effects of pollen “
We recommend the use of Apibal – capsules over a longer period of time (at least 3 months) to long-term impact of these high-quality food supplements full coverage to come.  Apibal . Many people feel, however, after a short time, the beneficial effect of Apibal . . We recommend that in the first week 3 capsules daily to take in the second week 2 capsules, and from the third week just 1 capsule per day.
Apibal actively plus is a high-quality, pure natural product to promote the general welfare of modern humans.  Active, sportsmen, professionals, managers, women in general and in particular men and women over 45 appreciate this “plus” in concentrated power of nature. Apibal 1 capsule contains active plus micronized 390 mg (mechanical open-minded) Pollen, 40 mg and 30 mg Perga jelly Royale

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