Aqua Coolkeeper Wristband Blue


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Aqua Coolkeeper Wristband Blue

Your wrist is very sensitive to heat and cold. The cooling wristband contains multiple reservoirs filled with cooling crystals that precisely cover the arteries of your wrist.

Because these arteries are situated near the surface of the skin, blood passes directly along the cooling reservoirs, which ultimately cools the entire body. You can compare this effect to holding your wrists under cold running water.

The advantage of the cooling wristband is that you can wear it anytime you like. The Aqua CoolKeeper Cooling Wristband is perfect for sporting, jogging or walking.

The Aqua CoolKeeper Cooling Wristband cools the body when:

•The weather is hot
•Sporting or working
The Aqua CoolKeeper Cooling Wristband relieves:

•Acute and chronic heat stress
•Raised body temperature
•Restricted airways due to heatstress
■No refrigeration needed
■An effective cooling solution for every occasion
■Gives new energy in case of fatique from heat
■Re-useable, lightweight and non-toxic
■Cools down and relaxes in case of stress from heat
■Slows down heavy breathing due to heatstress
■Only water needed to activate the cooling
■Many different sizes and colors


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