Arkocaps Phyto Soya Ultra 60 Capsules


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Arkocaps Phyto Soya Ultra 60 Capsules

Arkopharma’s Phyto Soya, a natural alternative to HRT.
Phyto Soya significantly reduces the number of hot flushes in menopausal women as early as the first month of treatment!
Phyto Soya 35mg per day
For cases of less than 8 hot flushes in 24 hours
A 4-month clinical trial was carried out on 190 menopausal women, experiencing on average 8 hot flushes per day; More than 60% of the women experienced a reduction in the number of their hot flushes by at least 50%.
Soya is a plant particularly rich in isoflavones, these natural phyto-oestrogens are vegetable substances similar to female hormones. Their protective action is not limited to the menopause only (hot flushes, osteoporosis and mood changes) but they help to lower the cholesterol level and help to improve skin hydration.
Designed to help support dietary intake, particularly during the menopause, Phyto Soya is convenient, economical and contains the relevant daily amount of isoflavones recommended by scientific studies into 2 capsules. (17.5mg isoflavones per capsule)

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