Arkocaps Phytocalm 45 capsules


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Arkocaps Phytocalm 45 capsules
Passiflora (Passiflora incarnata)
Part used: the aerial part. 230 mg of total plant cryoground powder, containing 0.8% of flavonoids (vitexin)
Passiflora is a beautiful plant originally from Mexico, where it was used by the Aztecs for its sedative properties. It was brought into Europe by the Spanish Jesuits under the name of “Passion flower”.
The aerial part of the plant contains flavonoids which contribute to its beneficial action for sleeping problems. It may progressively beings back natural sleep for insomniacs.
Insomnia – Agitation – Anxiety
Nervousness – Stress
Not addictive or habit forming
Recommended dosage: One to two capsules during the day for the relief of stress.
Take two to three capsules after the evening meal to help promote natural sleep.
Can cause drowsiness so caution is needed when driving or handling machinery. Consult doctor if pregnant.
Not recommended during pregnanc

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