Arthrovite Activ Vite 300g

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Arthrovite Activ Vite 300g

Activ Vite is rich in Collagen Hydrolysate and Calcium, the vital ingredients for the formation of healhty bones, it also contains magnesium and Vitamin C, essential for the continued maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

Bone is made up of two major ingredients: Calcium Phosphate, which gives bone its strength and Collagen, which gives bone its flexibility.

The proportion of these two ingredients is maintained at a constant level to ensure that the bone structure is strong enough to support us. If insufficient Calcium Phosphate is present, bones degenerate and become weak. If insufficient Collagen is present, bones become brittle and break very easily.

The entire process of maintaining healthy bone is subject to hormonal control. Hence, as many women reach the menopause the hormonal control of bone maintenance is disturbed and in many cases formation can no longer keep up with the breakdown of the bone, resulting in brittle bones and an increased number of fractures.

A serving of Activ Vite taken as a daily orange flavoured drink provides:

8.7g (8700mg)of Collagen Hydrolysate

60mg of Vitamin C

85mg of Calcium

30mg of Magnesium

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