Asphalia For Natural Weight Control (60 caps)


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Asphalia For Natural Weight Control  (60 capsules) 2 months supply

For Natural Weight Control
Weight control is becoming of increasing concern in Western societies, with perhaps a quarter of national populations nearing or actually suffering obesity. Effects of low poor nutritional foods (average nutritional value of so-called fresh fruit and vegetables has fallen significantly in the last fifteen years.) and trends toward convenience (“junk”) foods, combined with more sedentary lifestyles have exacerbated this trend.
The approach of our laboratory is that by supplementing the diet with the missing ingredients the craving for them is alleviated, leading to a better control of  the body mass index. These natural ingredients and vitamins are supplied in the Weight Control version of Asphalia.
Ingredients: A blend of wheat and barley grasses, Beetroot, Calendula, Chantui, Parsley, Carrot, Spinach

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