Asphalia Natural Petcare 25g


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Asphalia for natural petcare 25g 

Animals are just as prone to free radical damage from poor nutrition or radiation as humans, and often even more vulnerable, since they cannot tell you what is wrong. Have you ever seen your pet eating grass when they are ill? Instinctively they seem to know what is good for them. By adding the powder variety of Asphalia specially formulated for pets to their daily food you will be helping them to reach a healthy and active old age. Small animals given the active ingredient in Asphalia lived up to 30 percent longer, looked younger, and were correspondingly more active.

Ingredients: a blend of barley grasses Many pets will eat grass when they are not well. Instinct tells them to do this. Simply add a scoop (supplied)of this powder variety of Asphalia to your pet’s daily food and help them reach a healthy and active old age

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