Aspire Cranberry Trial 2 cans


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Aspire Cranberry trial 2 cans
A great tasting, refreshing soft drink, that can also burn calories? Sometimes too good, can be true…
Aspire is a revolution, it is the first calorie burning soft drink to be sold in the UK & Europe and is tested and proven to burn an average of 209 calories (Kcals) per can during controlled laboratory tests.
Using a recipe of carefully selected ingredients, we have created an enticing cranberry flavoured soft drink which is so versatile it will compliment the most busy and active of lifestyles.
Best served chilled as a refreshing drink, Aspire is lightly carbonated and helps burn calories at any time of the day. Enjoy Aspire whilst on the go, as a daily accompaniment to a healthy lunch, or for refreshment before, during or after a workout – however you enjoy your Aspire, you will always be burning calories.
Key Facts:
• Proven to burn an average of 209 calories (Kcals)*
• Contains 5 calories (Kcals) per 100ml
• Contains a combination of carefully selected beneficial ingredients
• One can provides a good source of vitamins and minerals 
• Cranberry flavoured and lightly carbonated
The science
It really works…
Our goal was to create a great tasting soft drink that could genuinely burn calories. It has taken years of development to create a specially formulated recipe that could achieve this.
Aspire contains a combination of the following good for you ingredients, such as:
• Guarana Extract
• Green Tea Extract
• L – Carnitine
It is suggested that these ingredients can assist in raising the body’s metabolism, suppressing appetite, accelerating weight loss and potentially play a vital role in the oxidisation of fat and aid in the weight loss process.
Size 250 ml
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