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ASPOD Emergency Aspirin Dispenser 


Did you know that chewing and swallowing a single 300mg soluble
aspirin during a suspected heart attack SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the risk of
death and reduces damage to the heart muscle?
Many senior health care professionals recommend that an emergency dose of
soluble aspirin be carried at ALL times by people over the age of 35.

There are however several problems connected with carrying aspirin in
pockets, bags or wallets, some of which are:
 Finding your aspirin quickly in an emergency
 Once found, getting to the tablets quickly
 Finding your aspirin has broken up or has become damp
a it has rattled around in your bag or wallet

ASPOD is the first and only system in the world specifically designed to
provide immediate access to an emergency dose of 300mg soluble aspirin
– wherever you are!

Aspod was recently shown on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ program with Dr Chris Steele

During a suspected heart attack the patient may be unable to locate the aspirin.
If located, the patient may be unable to open the aspirin foil.
If the patient was unable to administer the aspirin themselves, it would not be apparent to a first aider’, that aspirin was being carried and should be taken as a matter of urgency.
Aspirin is extremely susceptible to dampness; this will cause it to lose its stability, become less effective, and may smell of vinegar.
Aspirin, is particularly prone to break into smaller particles (friability), and is likely to be powdered when needed and therefore difficult to take.
The ASPOD design team and engineers eliminated these problems during the two year design and development stage. The ASPOD will ensure that, when needed, an emergency dose of 300mg aspirin is easily accessible and in a stable condition.

The ASPOD device was conceived, designed, and manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is slim, light, and little larger than a 50p coin. ASPOD’s unique x2mlock design means that aspirin will remain dry and stable for at least six months once placed in the device. Customers can register their ASPOD online and will be reminded, via email, to change the aspirin every six months.

These exclusive design features, plus the electronic reminder facility, will ensure that the 300mg dose of aspirin is available, and of optimum efficacy if/when needed.

The ASPOD is manufactured in pharmacy green’ and made from robust, scratch resistant polymers and designed to fasten onto, or act as, a key ring. In order to make it easier to add keys onto the ASPDOD key ring, we have moved from the conventional round key ring to a ‘G ring’. This has a leading edge, which protrudes slightly into the centre of the ring, and no pressure is required to open the ring. The ASPOD can also be hung from a belt loop, handbag, sports bag, or rucksack by using the sturdy metal belt clip supplied. By using custom made (inert) Pharmagraf pads, tablet movement and rattle has been eliminated, tablets will not be tainted, the pads are coloured grey and will not be mistaken for a tablet!

The ASPOD has been designed to have high visibility in order to attract the attention of first aiders’ in cases where the patient may be unable to administer the aspirin themselves. Also provided with the device is an info-loop. The info-loop attaches to the ASPOD, and because it is luminous it makes the ASPOD easily accessible, even in the dark. The Info-loop also carries critical information outlining the correct procedure to be followed in the case of a suspected heart attack. By using a permanent marker pen the patient’s name, together with an emergency contact telephone number, can be added to the info-loop. This will provide emergency services with vital information.

It is hoped that the ASPOD will reduce deaths and prove an adjunct to Public Health by educating and empowering the public to carry a 300mg soluble aspirin at all times

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