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The new Auger Matstone 6 in 1 juicer in Burgundy
Juicing Process is masticating !!
The Matstone 6 in 1 juicer, this a serious tool for the serious home juicer. This robust machine juices all fruits and veggies including wheatgrass, it also makes pasta, noodles, sauces, pasta, baby food, soups etc AND grinds and minces. as)
The Matstone is a masticating juicer cold pressing the voluntary fruit and veg to provide a better quality nutrient rich high enzyme juice at a gentle 80 rpm. The Matstone is available in two colours, burgundy and ivory and comes with instruction book, recipe book, cleaning kit, juice and pulp collecting containers
Juicing Process is masticating, a single auger turning at 80 rpm, easy to clean, live juice.
Preserves excellent live juice quality, giving top nutrition and health restoring juice.
Juices all fruits and vegetables and wheatgrass, makes bread sticks, sauces, baby food, pasta, sauces, grinds nuts and seeds, an all round kitchen tool as well as excellent juicer.
Easy clean, great user friendly design, 20 seconds to strip the machine down and clean it.
1) Auger at 80 rpm
2) Preserves excellent live juice quality yield up 10% with new model
3) Juices wheatgrass
4) Easy clean
5) Weight (unboxed) 6.6 kg
6) Dimensions(lxwxh) 381x178x305 (mm)
7) Very low power use(160 watt)
8) Warranty 12 year motor, 5 years parts
Masticating juicers are better at preserving nutrients as they turn slowly and squash the juice out of your fresh produce, this is what we recommend as it’s better for you, but bear in mind the juice will be "live" ie somewhat bitty, so your kids may not dig it! If you are juicing for health benefits a masticating style juicer is the type for you. It’s the essential piece of health kit for getting super powered green juices into your system, it will be flexible and juice pretty much anything you throw at it, will be quiet and never go blunt, block up or otherwise slow down your juicing!! If we had the choice we’d go masticating juicers everytime!
If you want to juice wheatgrass and other such fine leafy greens then you really do need a masticating juicer, if you are a wheatgrass retreat or therapist then a twin gear is the way to go as these really are specialist wheatgrass juicing machines. For all round domestic juicing we recommend a matstone

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