Balance Activ Vaginal Gel


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Balance Activ Vaginal Gel
Balance activ vaginal gel restores and preserves the natural pH balance in the vagina, immediately neutralising the embarrassing odour, and effectively relieving abnormal discharge and discomfort.
For rapid relief of embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge and discomfort.
Pack contains 7 tubes.
Easy to use – the gel comes in a disposable applicator tube which is simply inserted into the vagina, squeezed, then removed and discarded.
Tried and Clinically Tested – clinical trials have shown that Balance Activ Vaginal Gel is safe and effective in restoring and maintaining the pH balance of the vagina.
Safe to Use during pregnancy* and during menstruation.
Lactic Acid, Glycogen, Propylene Glycol, Methylhydroxyypropyl Cellulose, Sodium Lactate, Water, pH3.8

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