Balmy Pyjamas Age 5 – 6 for children with eczema or dry skin


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Balmy Pyjamas Age 5 – 6 for children with eczema or dry skin

Bedtime can be a misery for a child with an itchy skin condition. Once the lights go out the night can turn into one long, tearful cycle of itching and scratching.

And this almost unbearable vicious circle, in which rubbing at the sore skin only leads to more irritation, can bring untold misery to both the little sufferer and their exhausted parents.

If your child is kept awake by itchy skin, you’ll be interested to know there is now a totally new, different and natural way to bring relief – in the form of soothing pyjamas that could quickly become their new best friend and help all the family enjoy more restful nights.

Balmy Pyjamas are specialist, functional ‘pjs’, made of soft, pure, natural cotton with outer seams and no tags or labels that can rub or itch.

Factual Information

Researchers have suggested that increasingly clean homes and the use of chemicals could be linked to high rates of child�asthma and eczema.

Mother and Baby magazine Survey

The UK Survey of nearly 2,000 parents found the following

  • 37% of baby boys and 33% of baby girls suffered from skin problems
  • 39% said their child suffered from eczema, with 6% saying they suffered very badly.
  • Almost 64% of those children with sensitive skin said their child suffered rashes, which could lead to itching, flaking or blistering
  • 15% siad there child’s skin bled while others reported unsettled sleep or tears

The poll also found parents regularly used antisceptic wipes on thier childs hands and face – 60% once or twice a day, 25% three or four times a day and 15% more than five times per day.

Todays toll for Mother and Baby Magazine found 60% of parents bathed their baby everyday, while only 19% bathed them two�or three times per week as recommended. It has been�suggetsed by experts�that up until the time a baby starts crwaling, they do not get dirty enough to justify more frequent full baths.

"Emollients are good not only for treating sensitive skin, but for preventing it in the first place"


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