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Baobab fruit powder
Baobab fruit pulp is from the Baobab fruit. It is 100% natural, no preservatives or additives. Baobab pulp is extracted from the Baobab seeds using a simple mechanical process. We then put this goodness into tubs ready for you to eat! This fruit powder is excellent for mixing in fresh fruit juices or in smoothies, also an excellent ingredient for cooking with.
The powder is used as food ingredient in a variety of food formulations and can be eaten on its own or like tea or coffee, mixed with honey or sugar to taste. It contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients, micro nutrients and antioxidants.
The fruit is traditionally consumed in Africa by children, expectant mothers and senior citizens. The high content of vitamins and nutrients helps fight off illnesses and provides excellent source of nourishment.
Baobab fruit powder has a shelf life of 24 to 36 months.
How do I eat it or make a simple drink with it?
Baobab fruit can be eaten as it is or mixed with your favourite juice drink or fruits as a smoothie. If you need a simple, naturally energised drink, mix 5 or 10 grams of baobab fruit in a glass of cold or luke warm water, honey or any fruit juice. You can now drink and enjoy the wonderful nutrition and taste of the African baobab.�
We suggest first thing in the morning (5g) and last thing at night (5g). 10 grams of baobab contains a good dose of natural vitamin and nutrients. Always maintain a well balanced diet.
Baobab fruit powder can be used in a variety of food formulations, fortifying those formulations with higher quantities of nutrients otherwise missing from everyday conventional fruits and vegetables. Baobab powder can be used in the following example formulations:
Smoothies and fruit juices
Breakfast cereals, power snack bars
Bodybuilding / fitness supplements
Vitamin and mineral formulas
Ice creams, yoghurts and dairy products
Chicken, meat and fish dishes
Sauces & jams
Pastes & purees
& lots more…
Key Facts
Vitamin C 449mg / 100g
Antioxidants > 650 / g ORAC
Calcium 250mg / 100g
Iron 5.7mg / 100g
Potassium 2.7g / 100g
Magnesium 80mg / 100g
Zinc 9.2g / 100g
Energy > 1000kJ / 100g
Total carbohydrates 85g / 100g
Protein 2.14g / 100g
Fat 0.1g / 100g
Total dietary fibre 43.9g / 100g

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