Baobab Superfruit Oil 100ml


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Baobab Superfruit Oil

Minvita Baobab Body Oil is made from the seeds of the nutritious African Baobab superfruit. Cold pressed to preserve the essential minerals and nutrients, the oil is high in Vitamins A, D, E and F. Baobab Body Oil quickly absorbs and is non greasy. Used regularly it improves the skin’s elasticity and encourages the regeneration of skin cells. Rich in vitamins B1, B2, Phosphorous, Iron and Protein, Baobab Body Oil is one of the most beneficial aids in nourishing and treating ageing skin.

Minvita Baobab Body Oil is 100% natural and organic some of its benefits are:

-> Improves skin’s elasticity.
-> Improves skin’s softness and appearance.
-> Nourishes ageing skin.
-> Reduces appearance of stretch marks.
-> Intensely moisturises dry skin.
-> Alleviates bruising and scaring.

To use
Apply a generous amount onto clean skin and massage with circular movements.

Skin type
All skin types, especially dry or dehydrated.

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