Bathmate Hydromax X30 Blue Penis Pump


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Bathmate Hydromax X30 Blue Penis Pump

The latest model from the Bathmate brand is here the Bathmate X30 promising even better results for men who want to maximise their penis size and develop better looking stronger erections.
Using the same principles as its predecessor the Bathmate X30 is a hydropump system that uses water instead of air to create a suction force that draws blood into the penis to form an erection.

Because it uses water the Bathmate X30 is said to be more effective than an ordinary air-based vacuum pump as warm water helps to dilate the blood vessels allowing for more blood to be pumped into the chambers of the penis resulting in a bigger-than-usual erection.

The merits of the Bathmate system ensure it is ideal for men who struggle getting an erection as well as for men who are unsatisfied with their erection size and want to get the most out of their penis; continued use of the Bathmate X30 is said to help make visual gains in both penis length and girth.

Compared to the Bathmate Hercules the Bathmate X30 has a number of differences. The Bathmate X30 has a newly designed based that is easier to use and more comfortable reducing pinching on the penis and discomfort around the testicles. It also contributes to the Bathmate X30

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