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Betteryou BeYouAgain

The menopause is a significant change in women’s lives. This invigorating blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins nourishes and revives a tired body, providing a range of nutrients research has shown to be particularly important for women during this time. Taken as a daily supplement it helps the body’s systems regain a natural equilibrium and maintain a balanced state of mind and mood. Formulated from only food-sourced ingredients to ensure gentle yet fast and effective body absorption.

Primary benefits

A gentle yet effective formulation of herbs, minerals and vitamins created to help regain control, balance and well-being around the menopause.

This unique formulation has been designed by our team of health and nutrition professionals to provide the optimum ratio of naturally sourced and whole food nutrients, essential for women at this time.

  • Daily supplement using only food-sourced ingredients for optimum absorption
  • To help encourage mood maintenance and reduce the symptoms of anxiety 
  • To promote mental clarity and concentration
  • To help alleviate short term fatigue
  • To help maintain a healthy heart and promote normal blood pressure

60 easy to swallow vegetarian capsules.
Daily supplement     100% food sourced ingredients


A blend of herbal adaptogens, minerals and vitamins formulated specifically for women approaching, during and after the menopause.

Maca –  a natural adaptogen and enhances energy, stamina and sexual alertness.
Magnesium – Nature’s relaxant. Helps the body cope with anxiety and tension.
Milk Thistle – a powerful antioxident and helps to protect the liver cells from toxins
Agnus Castus – benefits the pituitary gland with a balancing effect on the hormones
Siberian Ginseng – helps the body to maintain energy and is a wonderful anxiety reliever
Zinc – important for hormone regulation
Vitamin B6 – the de-stress vitamin
Vitamin E – helps mood swings and irritability
Cayenne pepper – enhances circulation and digestion

Nutritional information           RDA

Zinc (as citrate)    15mg                                          100%
Folic Acid     0.6mg                                                   300%
Vitamin B6     4mg                                                    200%
Maca (100mg of 5:1 extract)  500mg                         –
Magnesium     300mg                                             100%
Milk Thistle  (50mg of 50:1 extract) 2,500mg           –
Siberian Ginseng (50mg of 35:1 extract) 1,750mg – 
Agnus Castus  (200mg of 5:1 extract) 1,000mg     –
Vitamin E Natural     30iu                                         300%
Cayenne Pepper     30mg                                           –
Per two capsule dose


Take two capsules daily with water. Can be taken on an empty stomach due to its food-sourced ingredients. Ideally take mid-morning when the body is at its most nutritionally receptive.

To ensure optimum potency keep jar in a cool place out of direct sunlight

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