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BetterYou Magnesium Oil 100ml

This exceptional formula has been mined from ancient Zechstein Sea deposits over 250 million years old and one mile underground. The natural process of filtering and condensing produces a magnesium supply essential for energy, brain health, relaxation of nerves, blood vessels and muscles and the prevention and reversal of joint and tissue calcification – the characteristics of growing old. Magnesium therapy represents, quite simply, the biochemistry of youth.
"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency" Dr Linus Pauling, Twice Nobel Prize winner
What are the benefits of Magnesium Oil?
To say that magnesium is important in health and medicine is certainly an understatement as magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Not only is magnesium lost through the processes of energy metabolism and sweat but we are struggling to effectively replenish our essential supplies. Foods rich in the mineral simply do not appear as often in our diets as they used to (wholegrains, nuts, seafood, dark green vegetables). The result is that we consume only half the magnesium we did only 50 years ago! Asian diets have proved to contain much greater levels of magnesium (more than twice those of the West) and Asian incidences or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoperoses are almost unheard of. BetterYou Magnesium Oil offers supplementation in a completely natural, safe and easily absorbable way. Unlike tablets you are receiving a magnesium supply directly into the cells, without loss or wastage.

    1: Essential for the effective absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

    2: Enhances the efficiency of the body’s immune system.

    3: Eases discomfort from joint and muscle pains when applied directly.

    4: Reduces muscle spasm, over-excited nerves and relaxes blood vessels. Encourages dramatically     improved sleeping patterns. Recommended for sufferers off Restless Leg Syndrome.

    5: Ideal for sportsmen and women to help relax muscles and keep them oxygenated, reducing damage and speeding up recovery time. Used by the Romanian National Football team -Euro’08

    6: Helps to lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels, enhancing heart health.

Ingredients:Aqua, Magnesium Chloride, Trace minerals.

Recommended Dosage and Application
For Health Maintenance
Applying BetterYou Magnesium Oil is an addictive and invigorating routine. For general health maintenance it should be applied to the body twice a day, with AT LEAST 4-5 sprays in the morning and 4-5 sprays in the evening. This can be gradually increased to 10 sprays twice a day. It can be applied anywhere on the body (try different areas to find what feels best for you). Ensure the skin is saturated and the liquid thoroughly rubbed in. Wipe off any chloride residue after 10-15 minutes. Within 4-6 weeks magnesium levels should be at a healthy level (dependant upon deficiency) but keep using the spray as part of your daily bathroom regime to ensure optimum health maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: BetterYou Magnesium Oil can be applied in much greater quantities, completely safely, than suggested above for even stronger  benefits (see below) but we always advise a gradual and cautionary start to any new supplement programme. When promoting health maintenance it is not always important to talk about absolute quantities but how absorbable the supplement is.  Having said that, BetterYou’s Magnesium Oil is completely safe at high levels and once a trial period has be experienced for a few days increase the application to as high a quantity as you feel comfortable with.

When applied initially you may feel a ‘tingling’ sensation and a feeling of warmth. This is completely natural and represents the crystalline structure of the mineral being absorbed into the skin tissue. The salt structure is seeking out skin imperfections, cleaning them and healing them. This is a very fast process and can irritate some skin types initially. The tingling will pass as the skin is healed. Applying BetterYou Magnesium Oil after a shower is the finest way to experience the process of remineralisation.

The 100ml bottle will provide an average of 800 measured sprays of pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Chloride. Every 10 sprays will provide you with around 60% (180mg) of your RDA of elemental magnesium in a totally safe, pure and 100% absorbable way. Unlike a tablet, you are absorbing the magnesium directly into your cells, with no loss or wastage.

Can be applied in conjunction with a carrier oild such as Almond or Grape Seed if desired. Try adding a few drops of essential oil to personalise your routine.

For a good night’s sleep
Shortly before going to bed, and ideally after a shower, apply around 6-10 sprays to the shoulders and neck area, making sure the skin is saturated, and thoroughly massage in.

For Restless Leg Syndrome
Apply around 6-10 sprays evenly onto problem area, making sure the skin is saturated, and thoroughly massage in. Re-apply as often as required. For more extreme cases relief may only come after a prolonged period of application of 1 or 2 weeks, however gradual benefits should be experienced during this time.

For Eczeme
The formulation is completely safe, however stinging will be felt if applied undiluted to broken skin. If skin is broken spray immediately after a bath or shower onto wet skin to avoid discomfort or dilute the mixture by at least half until broken skin heals. Increase the concentration gradually once the skin has healed and apply as normal.

For Joint/Muscle/Period pain and post strenuous exercise

Apply Magnesium Oil after showering. Spray at least 10 doses onto desired area(s) ensuring skin is entirely saturated, and thoroughly massage in. Re-apply regularly to ensure complete tissue absorption and keep area warm. Magnesium Oil can be applied during breaks in exercise or competition to keep muscles relaxed and oxygenated.

For healthy Teeth and Gums
Before brushing your teeth spray Magnesium Oil directly into the mouth, concentrating on the gum areas. Alternatively spray 5/6 doses into a salt or normal mouthwash and rinse mouth thoroughly. It is completely safe and is quickly absorbed to help strengthen the density and integrety of the teeth and gums. It also helps to restrict plaque growth and is a natural odour neutraliser, removing bad breath almost immediately. Be advised that some people find the solution very ‘salty’ due to the incredably high mineral content

Directions: Magnesium Oil can be sprayed anywhere on the body to saturation and rubbed in. For Health Maintenance apply twice a day,  morning and evening.  A safe and natural way of bringing magnesium levels to a health0ml spray offering 800 measured doses.


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