Bio Nature Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil 10ml


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Bio Nature Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil 10ml

100% pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil, uplifting and refreshing. Supplied in a beautiful box which describes 12 different ways to use this wonderful, unique essential oil. Uses include: Using an oil burner which will uplift a whole house, aromatherapy, will remove bad kitchen smells, bad toilet smells, use just a few drops in floorwashing bucket. Also, try just one drop only in a bath, several drops into your dishwashing liquid, add a few drops to potpourri.

Add a few drops to a vacuum bag cloth, at work a few drops on a hankerchief. This is an aroma that men will love in the house just as much as women, try it and find out! This essential oil is completely 100% natural, there are absolutely no chemical additives – guaranteed!

Not to be taken. Storage: Away from direct light and store below 30 degrees celsius

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