Biocare Mega EPA


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Biocare Mega Fish Oil EPA 1000


EPA is a member of the omega-3 series of essential fatty acids and is one of the active ingredients in fish oil. Mega EPA 1000 provides EPA and DHA emulsified with lecithin and olive oil to enhance absorption. Mega EPA 1000 is a concentrated fish oil capsule providing a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to many biochemical functions within the human body.

Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain a healthy heart and facilitate the utilisation of oxygen by the heart muscle

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the tissue lining the lungs and intestinal tract

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the skin

When taken in conjunction with a diet low in saturated fat and hydrogenated vegetable oils, fish oils can help regulate cholesterol levels and blood stickiness (platelet aggregation)

Mega EPA is emulsified using lecithin to aid absorption

Mega EPA contains antioxidant vitamin E for stability

Mega EPA provides fish oil from sardines and anchovies that is free from PCB’s and contaminants

Mega EPA is encapsulated in light protective chlorophyll capsules

Mega EPA is high potency

Recommended Intake

Two capsules taken daily with food, or as professionally directed.

Ingredients typically per capsule
1000mg Fish Oil Concentrate
(providing 310mg EPA)
(providing 210mg DHA)
50mg Lecithin
10mg Vitamin E 15i.u. (d-alpha tocopherol)

Non-active ingredients: None
Capsule: Gelatin, glycerine and chlorophyll

Nutritional Information per Daily Intake (2 capsules)

Fish Oil Concentrate 2000mg (providing 620mg EPA & 420 DHA); Lecithin (soya) 100mg; Natural Mixed Tocopherols 2mg.


Not suitable for individuals taking anti-blood clotting drugs such as Warfarin, Coumarin

and Heparin.

Suggested Combinations

For general support combine with a Multinutrient. To support the cardiovascularsystem, use alongside Garlic Plus, Cholesterase or Sterolvite. For joint support, takewith Glucosamine Hydrochloride. During pregnancy, combine with Ante-Natal Forteor Pregnancy & Lactation Formula.

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