Biocare Vitasorb Multi-Vitamins (micellised vitamins) 30ml


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Biocare Vitasorb Multi Vitamins (micellised vitamins) 30 ml . Provides liquid multivitamins to facilitate absorption.

Vitasorb Multi Vitamins is a micellised preparation incorporating Biocare’s Vitasorb process for maximising absorption efficiency. Because micellised vitamins are absorbed efficiently they can be taken in much lower doses.

Biocare are an independent, science based company founded by scientists and naturopathic practitioners with many years experience in both the fields of biological science and nutrition. From their inception they have developed many new and exciting products and their reputation has been built on their innovative product development, the quality of their raw ingredients, their specialised manufacturing techniques and their customer service.

In Particular: They pride themselves on having their own ‘state of the art manufacturing facilities. They use Freeze-drying to ensure and maintain freshness and stability of certain raw materials used in their products. They use vacuum packing to remove moisture and air which are two factors that can reduce the freshness and nutritional value of certain ingredients, and as a result of this preservatives and other chemical additives are not required. They use Micellisation, the process of which significantly increases the absorption and bioavailability of fat soluble nutrients as micellisation mirors the process that naturally occurs in the body when fats are ingested. They do not test any of their products on animals. They make every effort to ensure that their product range excludes ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

Typically per 15 drops: Vitamin E 75iu d-alpha tocopherol (50mg), Vitamin C ascorbic acid (15mg), Vitamin B3 niacinamide (9mg), Vitamin B6 pyridoxine (6.5mg), Vitamin B1thiamine (1.8mg), Vitamin B2 riboflavin (800ug), Folic Acid (400ug), Vitamin A (375ug), Vitamin B12 (5ug), Vitamin D3 (0.31ug) Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Suitable for children and elderly.

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