Bionutri Elderberry with Vitamins, Lysine 90 tablets – 45 days


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Bionutri Elderberry with Vitamins, Lysine 90 tablets – 45 days

Elderberry Complex has been designed to help support the immune system. Although normally described as “the immune system” as though it were a single system within the body, there are in fact a number of differing and diverse responses, both within different organs and in cells circulating throughout the body that comprise the immune system.

Elderberry Complex combines different nutrients such as Vitamins C, B6 and D with Zinc and Black Elderberry, all separately recognised to support various aspects of the immune system.

Elderberry Complex also incorporates Beta Glucans and Lysine, an amino acid.

Nutrition Information
2 tablets (recommended daily intake) provide:
(Sambuci nigra)  1,000mg 
Potassium Ascorbate
– providing Vitamin C 260mg
L- Lysine 400mg
Beta 1,3 Glucans 72mg
Zinc Citrate
– providing zinc 32.4mg
Vitamin B6 10mg
Vitamin D3 20µg 

Allergen information:
Contains Lecithin which is derived from Soya

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