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Bionutri Natal 8
Natal 8 is an advanced Folic Acid Formula with Lactic Bacteria and specific additional vitamin and mineral support in a single one-a-day capsule that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Each capsule provides 400μg Folic acid as Methyl Folate with Methyl B12, Vitamin C, B6, Iron and Zinc with L.acidophilus, L.bulgaricus and B.lactis organisms.

Both Natal 8 and Natal 8 Plus are suitable throughout and following pregnancy and pre-conceptually.
Pregnancy places extra nutritional demands on a woman’s body. Common medical advice is to increase the
intake of certain essential nutrients prior to becoming pregnant and throughout the pregnancy and whilst
breast feeding after birth. Dietary supplementation of key nutrients is one way to ensure any shortages in
the diet are covered.
Folic acid should be taken when planning pregnancy or when becoming aware of being pregnant. Folic acid
is important in the prevention of birth defects and to decrease the risk of premature birth. Because of the
higher level of Folic acid recommended in pregnancy many practitioners now recommend Methylfolate as
used in Natal 8.
Iron is essential to help reduce low birth weight, anaemia and associated feelings of tiredness. During
pregnancy Iron requirements can increase. Iron is involved in maintaining a healthy immune system and for
transporting oxygen around the body from the lungs. Iron is essential for making haemoglobin.
VitaminC helps maintain a healthy immune system and the strength of the connective tissue, bone growth
and is a primary antioxidant quenching excessive oxidative stress. Vitamin C helps improve the uptake of
Iron from the diet.
Vitamin B12 is important in the development of the nervous system and for mental function in infants.
Vitamin B12 is involved in the reduction of neural tube defects and the risk of infertility.
Vitamin B6 may be helpful in reducing nausea during pregnancy and is involved in the metabolism of
protein, carbohydrate and fat.Vitamin B6 is required forthe formation of new red blood cells and antibodies
as well as being vital for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.
Zinc is required for the production, repair and function of DNA and is essential for the rapidly dividing cell
growth that takes place during pregnancy. Zinc is involved in the maintenance of normal birth weight.

Nutrition Information
Each daily dose (1 capsule) provides
Folic acid 400μg 200%
(as 5-MTHF-Glucosamine)
Vitamin C 100mg 125%
(as Magnesium ascorbate)
Vitamin B12 100μg 4000%
(as Methyl B12)
Vitamin B6 6mg 428%
Iron 5mg 36%
Zinc 5mg 50%
Lactobacillus Bulgaricus
*NRV = Nutrient ReferenceValue
Nutrition Information
Each daily dose (1 of each capsule) provides
INGREDIENTS: Multinutrient capsule: Magnesium Ascorbate, Zinc
ascorbate , Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Ferrous fumarate,
Dicalcium phosphate, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Pyridoxine
stearate, 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Glucosamine, Methylcobalamin.
Capsule shell: Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose

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