Body Hoop Infinity Travel Hoop


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Body Hoop Infinity Travel Hoop

Enjoy the convenience of having your hoop with you anywhere you go! The Infinity Travel Hoop is a full sized hoop that folds down to a quarter of its area. This is the ONLY collapsible hoop that does not require connecting parts, bungee cords or retaping of any kind. There is no assembly required. These hoops are made from the same durable and slightly weighted tubing that our standard BodyHoops are made from and connected with our patented swiveling connectors. Available in three different sizes and styles.

To open your Infinity Travel Hoop, locate the 2 connecting points and unfold the hoop so that the connectors are at the center of the infinity shape. Now place your hands on those 2 connecting points and stretch the hoop open to its full size. You will need to slightly bend the hoop at these points to restore the circular shape.

As you become more familiar with how your hoop folds, you will discover other interesting ways to open and close your hoop. Enjoy

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