Body Mint Fresh Breath and Body 60 tablets


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Body Mint  Fresh Breath and Body 60 tablets


Fight bad breath, body odour and foot odour from the inside out.
If you like fresh breath, you’ll LOVE Body Mint! No more worries about bad breath (halitosis) or body odour.

Body Mint pills are made from an all-natural, highly specialized, derivative of chlorophyll. Body Mint’s unique formulation gives it the power to remedy body odors from multiple sources, like bad breath (halitosis), underarm odor, perspiration odor and foot odor.

Body Mint works from the inside, out. Take it twice daily and it works to reduce bad breath (halitosis) and body odor both day and night.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets, a 1 month supply


List of ingredients: chlorophyllin, cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid.

Body Mint pills are made from an all-natural, highly specialized, derivative of chlorophyll. Body Mint’s unique formulation process give it the power to get rid of unpleasant body odors from multiple sources, such as bad breath (halitosis), underarm odors, perspiration odors and foot odors. Body Mint does not contain herbs,�animal or dairy products, wheat, gluten, corn or sugar, preservatives or colorings or mint.[youtube]


� No. There have been no reported serious side effects or health problems relating to Body Mint’s usage. In rare cases, it may cause diarrhea and cramping. If this occurs, discontinue use of the pills.

� Results vary, so we suggest taking the pills as directed for one month. Each bottle is a one-month supply. After a few days, take notice of a fresher you with less bad breath odor (halitosis), underarm odor, foot odor and perspiration odor.

� Our unique formulation process results in a more potent and stable product than those using standard chlorophyll. Body Mint was specifically formulated to help reduce body odors and it helps the majority of people reduce bad breath (halitosis), underarm, foot and perspiration odor.


�� After taking this product for two weeks, I have noticed a much better difference using BodyMint. I am allergic to several deodorants and have to use organic kinds without chemicals. Unfortunately, the organics do not work very long on me, but BodyMint gives them a boost.��

� Anonymous, as posted on on June 9, 2005

� I enjoy sports and have always been concerned about being around others after I’m done playing and before I get to shower. BodyMint has provided a definite improvement and I no longer feel self-conscious. I have recommended BodyMint to my family and friends and helped a lot of people out of embarrassing situations. I recommend that everyone try it!

� D.F., Honolulu, Hawaii

� I was skeptical about this product when I saw it on TV. I decided after much thought to give it a try. I am almost finished with my first bottle of BodyMint and I can say now that I love it. I am very conscious of my appearance and smell at all times. Before starting with this product, I took baths 3 times a day�just because I thought I had an unpleasant smell. I received my water bill today and noticed that I had a credit on my account because I have not been using nearly as much water as before. I don’t shower as much as I used to. Thanks, BodyMint!�

� M.O., Miami, Florida
� I sweat! I’ve always been a physically active person, whether I’m running, biking or singing and dancing under hot lights. But since using BodyMint on a daily basis, I no longer have that odor that accompanies heavy perspiration. Now I can hug all my buddies with reckless abandon!

Sonya Mendez, Professional Singer, Honolulu, Hawaii

� I have found that [BodyMint] is very helpful and am very pleased with the product. I have never found anything like it. I find that it adds some security during those hot days and is very helpful when I work out.

� B.U., Troy, Michigan
� I’m a dancer and I sweat�a lot. Even when I’m not dancing. BodyMint had made an incredible difference for me. I no longer worry about odor while dancing, working out, or just feeling the heat of the humidity in Hawaii. It’s been a fantastic help to a troublesome problem.�

� Anonymous, Honolulu, Hawaii

� I go on all-day hikes and have found that this deodorant really helps from head to toe! I recommended it to many of my friends, especially those who like outdoor activities.�

� W.K., Insurance Claims Adjuster, Honolulu, Hawaii
� I have been using your product for over a month and it really helps me. I used to worry about underarm odor when I went jogging, hiking, etc. I am pleased to say that there is not much of a problem now that I am using BodyMint.�

� J.M., Hawaii
� As a wrestler for nearly 12 years and as a regular weight trainer, I know how important it is to control the effects of excessive physical activity and perspiration. I teach 3rd graders and my students are my greatest critics�I’ve never used a product like BodyMint! Not only does it keep my body smelling fresh, but it helps maintain great breath throughout the day. The convenience of taking BodyMint with my daily vitamins beats chewing gum and carrying breath fresheners around!�
� Thomas M. Reich, Pearl City, Hawaii
� I have been taking BodyMint now for a year and I am never out of them. I keep back up bottles at home at all times. At first I thought it was another gimmick but still was willing to try. After about a month I noticed the difference. My morning breath wasn’t as bad and when I worked out and sweat I didn’t smell anymore.�

� Tomalee Waage, Honolulu, Hawaii

Believe it! These all-natural pills have been covered by major networks such as CNN,NBC, CBS, The LA Times, Fortune, Harper’s Bazaar and more.

Taken daily like a vitamin, Body Mint helps get rid of bad breath (halitosis), body odor, underarm odor, foot odor and perspiration odor! Whether you’re at home, work or play, Body Mint is a natural solution and confidence booster!


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