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Bonusan Darmocare Pro
Darmocare Pro is a probiotic product and can be used in various ways; it is based on the intestinal flora of adults. The prerequisites for the development of Darmocare Pro were an optimal combination of various bacterial strains, a guaranteed high potency, an excellent shelf-life and the broadest possible therapeutic scope due to selecting strains with a wide variety of individual qualities. Bonusan explicitly selected the probiotic strains based on their anti-pathogenic properties, scientific characteristics of the strains, acid and bile resistance, and on their ability to colonise the intestinal tract. The potato starch and fructooligosaccharides (FOS; prebiotics) in Darmocare Pro create a matrix that supports growth of the probiotic strains.
Most important characteristics of Darmocare Pro:
Contains six high-quality symbiotic bacterial strains that naturally occur in the gastrointestinal tract
The strains have been selected based on acid and bile resistance, as well as on colonisation ability
Strains have been cultivated on a dairy-free culture medium, therefore the final product does not contain any lactose, casein or other milk proteins
Activation in water provides a better protection against stomach acid and bile
At least 4 billion viable microbes per sachet; guaranteed until the end of shelf-life when stored at room temperature
The sachet provides optimal protection against oxygen, moisture, light and other detrimental environmental influences
The product can be stored at room temperature
UsageDissolve the contents of one sachet in a glass of lukewarm water, stir, leave standing for 15 minutes, stir again and drink. Preferably take on an empty stomach before going to bed, half an hour before breakfast or otherwise with a carbohydrate-rich drink and a low fat meal. Dissolving the granulate activates the bacteria and provides the necessary protection against stomach acid and bile. It is recommended to drink the product while standing; this way the gastric muscles allow it to pass the stomach as fast as possible.
WarningWhen you start using pre- or probiotics gas and cramping might occur. After a while, generally after a week, the body has adjusted and the complaints should be reduced or eliminated. In case of persistent complaints, reduce the dose by half during the first two weeks. Interactions with regular medication and other natural health products may occur. Please consult an expert about this.
Contains per sachet (3 grams of granulate) size 30 sachets
At least 4 billion (4 x 109) microbes (after manufacturing 7.5 billion of the following bacteria in equal ratio):
– Lactobacillus acidophilus
– Bifidobacterium bifidum
– Lactobacillus casei
– Lactococcus lactis
– Lactobacillus rhamnosus
– Bifidobacterium longum
Added Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
Excipientsmaltodextrin, corn flour.Guaranteed to contain noyeast, gluten, lactose, casein, added saccharose, gelatine, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring agents, artificial odours. GMO-free.

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