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California Scents’ Eco Friendly Green Label Waterfall Mist
Green Label utilizes California Scents’ Spillproof technology, using pads made from recyclable vegetable and plant fibres. Each eco-friendly air freshener is formulated with natural, high quality fragrance oils with no volatile compounds (VOCs). Packed with 35 grams of pure organic fragrance oil, Green Label provides a refreshing scent lasting up to 60 days. 
Packaged in recyclable containers, each air freshener is loaded with non-toxic fragrance oils in one of three new California Scents fragrances:
Fresh Flowers
Waterfall Mist
Wild Berry
Green Label is EnvioKleen certified so you can be sure you are using a safe and eco-friendly product. The EnviroKleen certification Program and review process is conducted by ChemTel Inc. To learn more about EnvioKleen please visit 

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