Caribbean Blue Tropical Survivor Pack


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Caribbean Blue Tropical Survivor Pack
Caribbean Blue Tropical Survivor Pack is complete with 4oz (120ml) sizes of  Caribbean Blue Sunscreen SPF15,  After-Sun Aloe Spritz and 2 oz size DEET-Free All-Natural Insect Repellent  and After-Bite in a handy beach tote bag. Great as a gift item or for your next outdoor adventure!  All the Caribbean Blue range of suncare and personal care products are free from harmful chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum and artificial colours and perfumes. Ideal for sensitive skin and prickly heat this lovely range is made on the island of St. Lucia by Canadian Naturopathic Doctors.  When using any suncare product, it is essential to determine your skin type and make sure that you do not over-expose your skin to the sun’s rays.
Non Whitening SFP15  All-Natural Sunscreen is a unique 100% all-natural sunscreen formula .   Instead of synthetic chemical ingredients, Caribbean Blue SPF15 contains transparent natural zinc oxide.   Natural tropical oils, botanical extracts, and anti-oxidant vitamins are also used for this completely natural, hypo-allergenic formula that protects, moisturises and soothes the skin. 
All-Natural SPF15 is formulated using the latest scientific research findings and information on sun protection: UVB rays are mostly involved with sunburns, while the deeper penetrating UVA rays are involved with premature aging, wrinkling and even skin cancers. Many chemical sunscreens protect only from UVB rays, and allow penetration of damaging UVA rays. Zinc oxide is the only ingredient that is FDA-recognized as having both UVB and UVA broadest-spectrum protection, as well as having therapeutic benefits.
Aqua (water), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Zinc oxide (Zinc oxide nano), Emulsifying Wax NF vegetable-derived, Echinacea purpurea (Purple coneflower) Extract, Aesculus hippocastanum 
(Horsechestnut) Extract, Sesamum indicum, (Sesame) Seed Oil, Glycerin (Glycerin vegetable-derived), Mangifera indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Geogard* (Sodium benzoate and Gluconolactone from non-GMO corn), Xanthan gum (Xanthan gum), Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) Oil, d-alpha Tocopherol (natural Vitamin E). 
* ECOCERT certified
After-Sun Aloe Spritz uses 100% Aloe Vera gel (many leading brands use as little as 15%) with pure essential oils of lavender and peppermint to enhance the soothing and refreshing properties. This is an ideal aloe product for excessive sun exposure and burns. Rather than using artificial thickening agents (as in most aloe products), the natural liquid state is maintained to allow easy spray-on application. Great for tender-to-touch skin!
Aloe vera (Aloe) gel, Glycerin (Glycerin vegetable-derived), Geogard* (Sodium benzoate and Gluconolactone from non-GMO corn), Xanthan gum (Xanthan gum), Polysorbate 20 (polysorbate 20 derived from olive oil), Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) Oil. 
* ECOCERT certified
After-Bite is specially formulated with natural ingredients and pure essential oils to provide soothing relief from the itch of insect bites and help promote healing.
Aqua (purified water), Aloe vera (aloe) gel, Geogard* (sodium benzoate and gluconolactone from non-GMO corn), Xanthan gum (xanthan gum), polysorbate-20 (from olive oil and sugar source), Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) oil, Eugenia caryophyllus (clove) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E). 
*ECOCERT certified.

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