Carrot Seed Oil 5ml


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Rich in Beta-Carotene otherwise known as Provitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant, that promotes youthful and supple skin. Carrot Seed essential oil has a mildly sweet aroma with earthy, herbaceous hints.

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Baths: Blend 5-8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil, add to bath.
Massages: Add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 3 tablespoons of carrier oil.
Vaporisation: Add 2-4 drops of essential oils as well as a few tablespoons of water to your oil burner.


Organic Carrot Seed Oil – Organic Oil of Daucus carota.


Keep products away from delicate eye area.
Do not take essential oils internally.
Never use an undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. Always dilute in a suitable base product.


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