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Cherry Active Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate 473ml

Montmorency cherries have been discovered to be a rich source of potent, natural Antioxidants and Flavonoids.

CherryActive Concentrate contains no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings – just 100% Montmorency cherries
A single 473 bottle of CherryActive Concentrate contains the juice of around 1,500 cherries (half a tree)
We recommend a daily serving of 30ml (2 tbsp) of concentrate, diluted with water, in a half-pint glass. Approx 15 servings per bottle
Store CherryActive Concentrate, opened or unopened, in a fridge or freezer, to keep it at its best. Approximate shelf life – Fridge 12 mths, Freezer 24 mths
Normal uric acid levels
A healthy cardiovascular system
Regular sleep patterns
Muscle Strength and recovery

How to Mix Cherry Juice
Cherry active recommends a 1 part concentrate to 7 parts water mixture. Simply pour a two tablespoon (30ml) serving of concentrate into a half pint glass and top up with water. Some customers add a splash of lemonade, ginger or some ice cubes. Our cherry juice is not only full of health giving properties – it also tastes delicious!

How much to drink
Most Cherry Active customers are on a routine of drinking half a pint of mixed juice each day. Most customers take a recommended serving of 30ml of cencentrate. Each bottle contains 473ml of concentrate, which therefore provides a two weeks supply, at the recommended daily serving.

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