Children’s Liquid Vanilla Flavour 200ml


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Firstly, our high EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) marine lipid is processed to remove much of the fishy taste and odour. Great for kids! We then combine the fish oil with virgin EPO (evening primrose oil). Children will love Equazen eye q liquid’s vanilla flavour too. Extracted fromMadagascan vanilla beans, we employ the latest flavouring technology developed for the luxury ice cream industry, but without the sugar!

Liquid per daily intake: 5ml RDA Ingredients: Hi-EPA fish oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Natural Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol, from IP soya). Ingredient Information Fish Oil (omega-3) 736mg Eicsapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 186mg Docosahexaaenoic Acid (DHA) 58mg Evening Primrose Oil (omega-6) 184g Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 20mg Natural Vitamin E 10.8mg∞TE+3 3 EU recommended daily allowance: 108% RDA. +∞TE = d-alpha tocopherol.

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