ChlorEssence Powder (150 g)


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ChlorEssence Powder (150 g)

Premium High-CGF Chlorella Natures Richest Source of Chlorophyll, DNA &RNA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices Chlorella is a nutritious green micro-algae, extensively researched on many of todays key health concerns. As the #1 health food supplement in Japan with 10 million users, chlorella has earned its reputation The Ultimate Green Food. Chlorella is natures richest source of chlorophyll, the life blood of plants and a powerful detoxifier. Chlorella is also the richest natural source of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of all matter, essential for cellular growth and repair. ChlorEssence is a unique, patented stain of Chlorella developed for maximum levels of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Chlorophyll and island and its cell walls are treated to ensure over 80% digestibility

Suggested Use
Mix 1 level teaspoon (2,500 mg) daily into beverage or food.
Supplement Facts
100% pure premium Chlorella. No binders, fillers or excipients of any kind.

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