Cloud Pass Organic Tea 30g


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Cloud Pass is the ‘coconut water’ of organic, living teas. It is a wild-harvested, white tea used traditionally as a cooling, moistening and rehydrating tonic.

Origin: Organic white tea harvested from wild tea trees in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. The tea is withered and dried in the sun to concentrate it’s natural sweetness. It’s clean, pure taste reflects the pristine environment in which it was grown.

Flavour: Sweet, fruity and peachy notes with a soft velvet mouthfeel. Extremely refreshing, naturally sweet and cooling.

Benefits: Cooling and moistening to dry or dehydrated tissues.

Brewing Guide (1000ml): Cloud Pass can be brewed multiple times. It’s moistening and rehydrating qualities are enhanced by cold brewing. Add 1 teaspoon of leaves to 1 litre of cold or room temperature water. Leave to steep for 3-24 hours. Strain and serve. Reserve the tea leaves to re-infuse up to 4 times. A great substitute for coconut or filtered water.

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