Cognitive Complex 60’s


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Cognitive Complex has been formulated to support brain health and is a combination of polyphenol rich adaptogens, DHA, bioactive R-lipoic acid and other nutritional co-factors which together support normal cognitive performance. Ideal for studying, supporting memory and help limit stress.

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1-3 capsules daily at meal times.


NORDIQ botanical blend providing:
Rhodiola rosea root*, Organic turmeric root,
Organic Blackcurrant*, Bilberry fruit*,
Organic beetroot and leaf juice*, Organic kale sprout*, Organic rosemary leaf*, Organic hibiscus flower<div>*Fresh freeze-dried</div><div><br></div><div>
DHA (algal),
Vegetable cellulose capsule,
Choline (as bitartrate),
R-lipoic acid,
Grapeseed extract (95% polyphenols).</div><div><br></div>


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