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Coldner coats the throat mucosa to protect it against bacteria and viruses attaching to it. If infection has already taken place, Coldner is most effective at the first stage of infection, during early symptoms of a sore throat.
How does it work? When the mucus is penetrated by the virus, the virus then enters a cell, the virus takes control and uses the cell’s machinery to manufacture more viruses, and these viruses then attack surrounding cells.
Coldner 2.0 interferes with this process: after replication, the newly formed viruses are encapsulated by Coldner, directly after leaving its host, therefore preventing them from infecting other cells. This way, Coldner can slow down (or even stop) further viral infestation10:03 08/09/20

Coldner Throat Spray 2.0 is based on natural ingredients:
Xylitol Dextran 40kD Lambda carrageenan Lime aroma Marshmallow flavour Sodium octanoate Sodium Cyclamate Citric acid Tri-sodium citrate Citric acid Sodium Hydroxide Water
Anti-adhesive agent, sweetener Anti-adhesive agent, sweetener Film former Aroma Aroma Surfactant Sweetener Acidity regulator Preservative/acidity regulator Buffer Buffer

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