Colief Infant Drops Lactase Enzyme Drops 7ml


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Colief Infant Drops Lactase Enzyme Drops 7ml

Although there is no single cause for infant colic, undigested lactose in food as a result of Transient Lactase Deficiency has been identified as a causative factor in many babies suffering from colic. Comparative research of six alternative approaches to the treatment of colic symptoms in babies has shown that while other options offered some relief, only pre-incubation of baby milk with a lactase enzyme such as Colief Infant Drops dramatically reduced the crying time in seriously colicky babies. Suitable for breast and bottle-fed babies.

Lactase enzyme for adding to infant milk or
breast milk to reduce lactose content

Reduce the Hours of Crying
Some newborn babies find it difficult to digest the lactose in their milk, which can lead to discomfort after feeding. Colief Infant Drops when added to the baby’s usual milk – breast milk or formula – will help to break down the lactose in the milk before the baby is fed, making the feed more easily digestible.

The active ingredient in Colief is lactase, a safe enzyme which occurs naturally within the body. Milk, dairy products, breast milk and most infant formulas all contain the milk sugar lactose, and lactase is the enzyme normally produced in the body to break this down into simpler sugars, glucose and galactose, to allow these to be absorbed.

Colief may be used for all babies whether breast-fed or formula-fed, and is safe from birth.

Breast Feeding:
Try expressing a few tablespoons of breast milk into a small sterilized container.
Add 4 drops of Colief Infant Drops
Give this to your baby on a sterilized plastic teaspoon
Continue breastfeeding as normal

Using Colief with Infant Formula:
Make-up your baby’s feed carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions
Add 4 drops of Colief Infant Drops to formula that is warm, not hot
Shake the feed occasionally, and feed the baby after half an hour having checked that the bottle is at the correct temperature
Discard any unused feed

If you need to make-up your baby’s feed in advance:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully
Add 2 drops of Colief Infant Drops to warm milk and store in the refrigerator for 4 hours
Warm to feeding temperature

Using Ready-to-Feed Formula:
Warm the feed and add 4 drops of Colief Infant Drops
Wait for half an hour, shaking occasionally, before feeding the baby
Discard any unused feed

Ingredients: Glycerol, Water, lactase Enzyme
7 ml

Important Information
1. The active ingredient in Colief is lactase, an enzyme which occurs naturally within the body. The addition of Colief Infant Drops to a baby’s milk merely compensates for a possible lactase deficiency in the infant’s digestive system. Colief Infant Drops added to the baby’s usual milk greatly reduce the level of lactose by breaking this down into glucose and galactose, before the baby is fed.

Studies have shown that the hours of crying may be greatly reduced when baby’s usual milk is treated with Colief

2. Read and follow the instructions in-pack carefully. Add Colief Infant Drops to your baby’s milk – do not give the drops to your baby directly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when making-up formula milk.

3. Colief is an enzyme and is destroyed by heat. It works best in milk that is warm (not hot or cold)

4. Once opened, keep Colief refrigerated but do not allow to freeze. Discard three weeks after opening and do not use after the Best-Before date stated on the pack

6. Colief is approved by the Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances for prescription by doctors on the NHS.


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