Collagen Drink 185g


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High potency collagen to support bones, joints and skin. Hydrolysed (broken down) for maximum absorption. Helps maintain skeletal strength, especially at menopause and beyond. Sourced from sustainably farmed, antibiotic-free fish including tilapia and catfish.

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Weight .15 kg


Adults: Add one scoop of granules daily to a glass of water, fruit or vegetable juice and stir thoroughly, leaving until dissolved (one minute) before drinking. Take 30 minutes before or two hours after meals
A daily multivitamin and Vitamin C are also recommended

Each full level scoop contains approximately 6g and so each pot contains roughly 30 servings


Hydrolysed Collagen (from <b>fish, pangasus and clarius catfish and tilapia</b>) providing hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in combination with other amino acids to a 90% minimum protein content.


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