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Compact Juicer


As an added bonus, your juice remains stable, nutritious and fresh for up to 48 hours (juice may be stored in a sealed container in the fridge).


  • Amazingly quiet to run
  • Quick & easy cleaning  
  • Simple assembly & disassembly
  • Maximum retention of nutrients & living enzymes  
  • Higher yield with drier pulp  
  • Bonus mincing attachment  
  • Pasta & noodle maker attachments  
  • Sausage maker attachment




So Many Delicious & Healthy Options. Here’s How:
What sets the new Compact multipurpose juicer/mincer apart from regular juicers, is that it can juice just about anything including wheatgrass. It will grind coffee beans, make nut butters, homus, pesto, salsa, dressings, dips, baby food, pasta and frozen desserts.

Making fresh pasta, for example, is so easy. Just mix mix flour and eggs into a dough and then, when ready, pop it into the Compact and hey presto, delicious fresh pasta. Fresh homemade pasta cooks far quicker than dried pasta and it can be used right away or it can keep for up to a week. Fresh pasta, the essence of the Italian kitchen, and noodles, the oriental equivalent, make the perfect base for a quick, tasty meal, and the Compact comes with a recipe book to get you started as soon as you open the box.


It even has a completely separate mincing attachment that will professionally mince meat, chicken and fish as well as a sausage making nozzle. You won’t believe how quite the machine runs and how easy it is to clean, making it one of the most versatile and best value kitchen appliances available.  


The Compact was designed from the ground up with longevity in mind, and the primary feature that gives such durability to its parts is a new technology in the motor that avoids a jolt if more food is entering the machine than can be processed. Simply, the motor is sensitive enough to slow down under increased pressure, rather than stopping with a stress-causing jolt, slowing you down and causing parts damage. In fact, the Compact Juicer achieves 95% fewer parts breakages.
Common advice when choosing a juicer – especially  for extracting the goodness from greens:



  • one that does not destroy enzyme or vitamin content
  • runs the motor at a low rpm to reduce heat
  • does not rip or tear the food    
  • applies a slow constant pressure to the food



Other options to consider are: 


  •  noise
  •  other functions of the juice extractor
  •  ease of cleaning
  •  user friendliness



The COMPACT Living Juice/Food Processor offers great features and many benefits to the discerning shopper.

Choose a juicer that does not damage the enzyme content of the juice.



As much as half the size of its competitors, the Compact has set the new benchmark in juicer design for the health conscious consumer. The Compact’s gentle squeezing & pressing method of juice extraction keeps alive the antioxidants, heat-sensitive vitamins, and digestive enzymes from broccoli, wheatgrass, carrots, and all other fruits & vegetables.

Sulforaphane, the anticarcinogenic phytochemical  found in broccoli; heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C; and food enzymes such as proteases for digesting protein, lipases for digesting fats, and amylases for digesting carbohydrates are all vulnerable to the high temperatures of conventional cooking and processing. 

With the Compact, your juice can retain up to 60% more nutrients than conventional juicers and those valuable enzymes remain alive – aiding digestion and helping the body absorb nutrients, boosting energy levels and the immune system.


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