Comvita Grapeseed with Propolis 60 Capsules


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Comvita Grapeseed with Propolis 60 Capsules

Comvita Grapeseed with Propolis Capsules have exceptional antioxidant (free radical scavenging) activity.

Grapeseed has a high component of procyanidins (sometimes known as OPCs) that help to strengthen collagen fibres. Collagen fibres are a necessary protein for connective tissues such as skin, bones and blood vessels.

Propolis is rich in a group of antioxidants called flavonoids (also known as bioflavonoids). Flavonoids are powerful, free-radical scavengers that give strong support to the human body’s natural immune system at the cellular level and assist with cell regeneration.

Grapeseed with Propolis contain active bioflavonoids with well-known immune support and antioxidant properties that provide powerful cellular protection.

Always read the label. Use as directed.

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