Confidante sexually transmitted infections (STI) test kit


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Confidante sexually transmitted infections (STI) test kit
Confidante® is a revolutionary new sexually
transmitted infections (STI) test for people who
want to take control of their sexual health.
You don’t have to take individual CHLAMYDIA,
as Confidante® can simultaneously detect
10 of the most common STIs in a single test
Everything you need to collect a urine or swab sample at home is included in the Confidante® box. Send your sample back to our laboratories and we will contact you within a few days with your result.
Get tested for 10 common STIs
 Chlamydia trachomatis – CHLAMYDIA
 Neisseria gonorrhoea – GONORRHOEA
 Treponema pallidum – SYPHILIS
 Herpes simplex virus I – HERPES I
 Herpes simplex virus II – HERPES II
 Trichomonas vaginalis
 Mycoplasma hominis
 Mycoplasma genitalium
 Ureaplasma urealyticum
 10 Haemophilus ducreyi – CHANCROI

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