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Conscious Food D’Mix 100g
Best-selling product which helps enhance digestion and quality of life
The first product to incorporate the action of chewing into a digestive treatment, d’mix helps to kick-start the digestive process through a proprietary blend of eight natural-state botanical ingredients used for thousands of years across different cultures for their digestive properties. Recommended by the Daily Telegraph as their number one antacid, and by Natural Health Magazine as their top colon cleanser.
Conscious Food’s Digestive Mix is our proprietary ancient, Ayurvedic blend of herbs, seeds and spices. That has been specifically formulated to help enhance digestion and your quality of life and took several years to develop.  An aromatic crunchy mix made to a traditional Indian recipe packed full of nutrients it will freshen your breath, aid your digestion beautifully, soothe your system and revitalise your spirit.  .  The dosage is ½ a teaspoon chewed after each meal, one jar contains a months supply.
How does it work?
d’mix works in four key ways:
Introduces natural-state botanicals: All the ingredients in d’mix are in the most unprocessed possible state, ensuring their time-honoured properties are able to work in the most natural way.
Promotes healthy chewing habits: The act of chewing d’mix after meals promotes healthy chewing behaviour, a long-term behavioural change which can have a significant beneficial impact on the entire digestive system.
Improves food absorption and elimination: Improved chewing habits combine with the action of the natural-state botanical ingredients to strengthen and tone the digestive system, 
Strengthens and tones the digestive system.
How should d’mix be used? 
For best results we recommend taking D’Mix in conjunction with our Herbal Digestif Tea, which is specially formulated to complement D’Mix. We recommend a 2-month course of d’mix, as 60 days has been shown to be the optimal time for introducing and consolidating new habits.
One pack provides one month’s treatment;why not try our two-month Digestive Kickstarter Pack, combining Herbal Digestif Tea with 2 months’ D’Mix  for the ultimate in digestive wellbeing!
Half a teaspoon of d’mix should be chewed after every meal. The process of chewing stimulates the entire digestive system, helping to optimise food absorption and elimination. This combines with the active botanicals to soothe, stimulate and strengthen the digestive system. 
Method of use: Shake well and chew ½ a teaspoon well (25-30 times) after each main meal. (Use only on full stomach.)
Each 100g container of d’mix provides one month’s treatment if taken as recommended. Ingredients: Fennel seed, peppermint, liquorice, jaggery, dhania dal, ajwain, flax seeds, hari patti, sesame seed.

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