Copper Hand Sphere


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Copper Hand Sphere
Copper in its dry state is incredibly antimicrobial! When holding your copper sphere, studies show copper surfaces reduce the risk of cross contamination. Ten million E. Coli bacteria are eliminated in minutes. The inherent antimicrobial property of copper is better than a disinfectant in your hands when visiting a hospital, either as a patient or visitor, travelling by public transport, or any other occasion which increases the risk of contact with bad bacteria.
The human hands and feet contain more sweat glands than any other part within the body. Every square inch of skin over the palm of your hand may contain as many as three thousand tiny sweat glands, working the copper sphere, your hands will warm very quickly, allowing the necessary absorption rate of copper into the blood stream.
Copper has been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years including the treatment of chest wounds, purifying of drinking water (not recommended to try at home as drinking tap water may contain enough copper), to alleviate symptoms of joint problems.
Copper Hand Spheres 
d =40 mm,  wall thickness- 4 mm hollow, weight 70g
99.99% copper
Antimicrobial action

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