Custom Probiotic Six Strain Powder 100g


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Custom Probiotic Six Strain Powder 100g
Custom Probiotic Six Strain Powder is the most powerful of the probiotics currently available in the UK. It contains 260 billion bacteria per gram and comes in a 100g bottle, representing exceptional value.
This means that the cost per billion bacteria of Custom Probiotics 6 strain powder is less than 0.5p! That is less than half a penny per billion bacteria. Compare that with some shop bought probiotics, where you may typically pay 20 times that price.
This is pure probiotic powder, with no fillers or excipients, and the bacteria are grown on a hypoallergenic, non dairy base.The strains available in this formulation are: L.acidophilus, L.rhamnosus, L.salivarius, L.plantarum, B.lactis, B.bifidum.
There are many scientific references that state that these strains of beneficial bacteria help to repopulate the gut, thus maintaining a healthy gut environment.
Dosage information:
Dosage depends upon the individual, but typically one to two scoops per day, mixed in a large glass of tepid water. (The scoop supplied with the product equates to about 0.75 of a gram). Must be stored in a freezer for maximum potency.
Custom Probiotic Six Strain Powder is a 100% pure product, and contains only beneficial bacteria and is therefore very hypoallergenic.
100 grams (normal three month supply).
Child Scoop = 0.1 gram (25 billion cfu’s).
Adult Scoop = 0.8 gram (200 billion cfu’s).
Dissolve 1-2 scoops (scoops provided) of the dairy-free probiotic powder in one glass of purified water and drink it. Do this first thing in the morning and/or at bedtime. Bottles should be kept tightly closed and stored in the freezer to retain maximum potency.�
Does NOT contain: Dairy, preservatives, sugar, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors or FOS.�

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