Detox your world Incan berries 500 grams


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Detox your world Incan berries 500 grams

If scrumptious berries from South America! Once cultivated in the Incan Empire, these fully-ripe, sun-dried, wildcrafted berries are sweet, but with a flavour like a sweet and sour lemon sherbert and they’re full of tiny healthy seeds. Small and yellow/orange, the dried fruits are slightly larger than raisins.

As well as being called Incan berries, they’re also known as Cape Gooseberries, agauaymanto berries or Goldenberries. Locally called mullaca, uvilla, uchuva, the plant is an annual herb indigenous to many parts of the tropics, including the Amazon. It can be found on most continents in the tropics, including Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It grows up to 1 m high, bears small, cream-colored flowers, and produces small, light yellowish-orange, edible fruit. The leaves of the plant have many ethnobotanical uses around the world. The Incan berry is one of the first plants to pioneer degraded areas. Its robustness and adaptability could lead to cultivation in many now unused marginal areas.

The fruit is found in markets from Venezuela to Chile, and the plants have been grown on limited scale around the world in warm climates. When growing, the berries are protected by papery husks resembling Chinese lanterns. Currently in areas where they are grown they are largely regarded as backyard fruits for children, but upscale European markets pay premium prices for them, dipping them in chocolate to decorate pastries. They make excellent jams, which are popular in India and Africa.

Packed with nutrition!

Incan berries are considered a good source of vitamin P (bioflavinoids) and are rich in pectin. Hundreds of studies on bioflavinoids have demonstrated the substances’ wide range of abilities. They possess antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antioxidant activities. They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. They are also extremely high in protein (16%) for a fruit.

Eat Incan berries straight out of the bag, or put them in smoothies and desserts. Any way you choose, they’re simply delicious! They need no refrigeration, and a little goes a really long way!

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