DETOXIFY Ear Care Cones + FREE FOOT detox patch


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DETOXIFY Ear Care Cones + FREE FOOT detox patch

Everybody has heard of the "magic" ear candles or cones before. The recipe and method for this special ear care has very ancient origins and has been known for their powers and positive effects for centuries.

This method of  natural Ear Cleansing has been passed down from generation to generation into today’s fast living world where we need it more than ever before.

This system is safe and easy to use – and after first usage you will be amazed and astounded by the results which you cannot only see inside the cone but also feel for yourself! We all know that our ears "clogg up" from time to time which can be a result of wax overproduction or even external and artificial influences such as hair spray etc. And we all know how such "clogged up" ears can influence our wellbeing, hearing and safety especially for certain sports where the auricular pressure is extremely imporant.


Whatever the reason for using the ear cone it is the perfect solution for eliminating water before and after showers, swimming, for re-balancing the auricular pressure before and after flights, mountain travelling and climbing or even underwater diving and can be used as a prevention or treatment alike.

How it works and the benefits of it


Through the HEAT and the so called CHIMNEY EFFECT the use of the Ear Cone will help you benefit in two ways:


Due to the combustion of the cone walls the heat softly penetrates up the tympanic membrane softening the cerumen. It thus revitalizes the acupuncture points, stimulates the blood circulation and frees the clogged pores at the same time.


The Cone combustion creates a depression within the ear – this happens completely without trauma or pain – thanks to the Chimney Effect, which is also known in physics as the “Venturi effect”. The chimney effect which causes a light suction action and the movement of the flame together create a vibration of air in the ear cone which generates a massage-like effect on the eardrum. Wastes and noxious deposits inside the ears are often clearly visible after the treatment on the wax walls, condensed within the base of the cone.


During treatment you will experience a pleasant and warm feeling of comfort and balance of pressure in the ears, your forehead and sinuses. It will give you a calming and soothing feel and can also be helpful for earaches, headache, ear noises and stress. All these benefits have been proven through years of research and experience and have also been confirmed by thousands of doctors worldwide.


The treatment can also help to free your nasal breathing and help to improve the sense of smell even when the nose was blocked before the treatment.

Why not try the Ear Care Cones in combination with our FREE DETOXIFY Foot patche for an allround feeling of wellbeing and cleanliness? Have a look at our combi packs that give you the ideal start to both ranges….

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