New Horizon MUSHROOM COMPLEX – For the Liver


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A powerful and carefully selected blend of 6 edible mushrooms combined with a range of herbs and spices to help support a healthy liver function.

The mycelium is autoclave sterilised, as its properties are enhanced by heat
Organic ingredients, kosher certified
2 capsules per day

For 2 capsules: Organic Zhu Ling mycelium (Polyporus umbellatus): 200 mg ; Organic Agaricus subrufescens mycelium: 120 mg ; Organic Reishi mycelium (Ganoderma lucidum): 120 mg ; Organic Cordyceps mycelium (Cordyceps sinensis): 120 mg ; Organic Shiitake mycelium (Lentinula edodes): 120 mg ; Organic Artichoke dry extract (Cynara scolymus): 100 mg ; Organic Dandelion dry extract (Taraxacum officinale): 100 mg ; Organic Oyster Mushroom mycelium (Pleurotus ostreatus): 40 mg ; Organic Turmeric dry extract (Curcuma longa): 40 mg ; Organic Ginger powder (Zingiber officinale): 40 mg

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